I’m an aircraft interiors engineer with a deep appreciation of the visual arts.

As a child, I left my Barbies and Kens aside because I preferred to build creative houses and cities with my Legos instead. Since I was 13, I recognized the power of the photograph through two lifestyle French magazines I acquired on a flight to Cairo, via Paris.

I still have those magazines (whose ages shall not be mentioned ;) … I look at them today, and without regretting that I chose a more stable, “safe” career, I am very proud and happy to have built this blog and Dina El-Hakim Photogra-phi, which is a trading name for my company, Dina’s Arts & Design Corporation.

I believe in hard work, in passion in what you do, and in having fun while doing it.

This is who I am, and I enjoy life like that.

I invite you to visit my portfolios, Portfolio 1 and Portfolio 2, to know more about the kind of photographs I take, my philosophy, my mentors, and the educational path I took to study photography. You can also find out here about the places I want to visit, the places I’ve been, the famous people I have a crush on, and whimsical things like that.

I hope you like what you see and if it can inspire you to tap into your artistic potential, that would be lovely (:


Montreal, the fifteenth of August, two thousand and ten

twelve seventeen a.m.

2 Responses to “About”
  1. sartenada says:

    Very interesting.

    I saw with great interest in which places You have been and places in which You want to go. Great lists, I have to say. What was striking to me that You do not want to visit in Scandinavian countries! I just wonder.

    It maybe so that You have no idea what to see and to find in them.

    I give some ideas from my own country Finland:






    After seeing these and my profile (About me), then You get a tiny idea what to find in Finland.

    I wish to You wonderful day! Happy travelling and happy blogging.

    • Thank you Sartenada, I hope to visit one day :)

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