2 months today

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I haven’t forgotten you! I’m finally here, in my cozy studio in Melbourne, Australia and the dust has just finished settling. What have I been up to? I spent a great week in Sydney, reunited with family, visited laid-back Byron Bay, found & made a little home for myself, signed up for yoga/pilates/crossfit, explored, went to some … Continue reading


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I love crazy, cool architecture and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image* made the cut for me. It is the center of attention in Melbourne’s Federation Square and a great place to hang out. Although I took these shots last summer (or last winter if you’re Down There), there’s no rule against posting them way … Continue reading


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Last week I popped over to visit Melbourne’s bigger, attention-grabbing sister, Sydney. The Opera House was actually quite impressive, especially as it appeared out of the blue as I was walking and so pleasantly surprised me!! Sydney vs Melbourne? Two very different cities I think, sort of like Toronto/Montreal. I loved Sydney’s perfect weather and … Continue reading


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In loving memory to Laurel Ladd, who taught me to care about the environment.

On That Note

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Just wanted to say have an awesome, cracker* weekend everyone! Cook something you’ve never touched before (or are scared to cook); run outside, sweat a little; tuck into a good book; order a dessert and eat it all… XO, Dina *= pronounced “CRACKA”. yeah so I learned a bit of Aussie slang! Ha!

the great ocean road day

July 18 Blog Post (3)

Imagine now how beautiful this was. I hope I captured some of the essence of this road along the south-eastern Australian coast. Had a lot of fun with the camera that day…