Welcome – and CU L8R Tumblr

Hi there!

I’m Dina El-Hakim and I just moved this blog from Tumblr to WordPress. My friends and blog followers must think I have Blog Attention Deficit Disorder or something because even if I had my Tumblr blog since November 2009 (hey come on, that’s almost a year), just last month, I opened up a complimentary blog on Fotojournal called Life of Phi². That one exclusively showed large high-res photos, and not much text or videos or anything else. But I quickly realized, my lifespan there was limited. And having people jump from one blog to another was kind of uncomfortable for me.

I’ve always been attracted to WordPress. It’s one of the most popular blogging platforms out there and one of my ultimate favorite bloggers, Garance Doré, uses it, so I thought to myself: it must be good ;)

But here are the main reasons why I felt so unrestful on Tumblr and wanted something more:

1. Tumblr is a mini-blogging platform with a simple tool for posting text, photos, videos, quotes and audio files. While I loved it for being entirely customizable (for free), I found it restrictive when it came to posting photos. Here, I found a theme that focuses more on my photographs and it allows for larger photo sizes, which is so important for me, I cannot tell you how much. Another thing that’s cool is that the upper section showcases the most recent post. Kind of like a newspaper :)

2. The community on Tumblr is one that REBLOGS, REBLOGS, REBLOGS. You already know I’m not a fan of reblogging as explained after the P.S. here. It’s nice to collect “likes”, but there wasn’t much text showing up on the dashboard and even when it did, I doubt people were reading them. And yes, while I’m a photographer and all I should be fretting over is beautiful photographs, NO, I actually love and think its important to know the story behind those photographs. That’s what makes it interesting! Sharing the experience. Just like when Garance shared her once-in-a-lifetime experience with Peter Lindbergh in St-Barth’s (I know, lucky woman right?).

3. Ok my Tumblr blog was getting a little too messy (read: colorful, because I’m addicted to it…while also loving monochromes) and unprofessional looking. I just find this one more attractive, aesthetically speaking. It’s minimalist and ultra-modern. The theme, by the way, is called Structure…I’m not an engineer for nothin’! :)

So anyways!

Welcome :) To a fresher, lovelier and hopefully more successful Life of Phi.

The old Life of Phi on Tumblr will still exist, but I will only post my favorite music on there and continue collecting photographs that inspire me. As for Life of Phi² – adieu. You’re very lovely but I can’t have you right now.


1. All the posts on this site previous to this one were tests.

2. I will be continuing to work on the blog to improve its look.

3. I hope you enjoy it :) – Do subscribe at the bottom if you wish to receive notifications of new posts by email.

– Dina El-Hakim

Montreal, October 10th, 2010.

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