When Opportunity Knocks…

Will you take it?

This is what I am debating and deeply thinking about right now. Recently, something came up which had my heart beating very wildly. After the initial excitement, I then I had to sit down and think about what decision to take. I’m still thinking, about the pros, the cons and all that jazz. It would be liberating to throw cautionary tales and paranoid thoughts away for *just a moment* and go ahead with whatever is it is that we want to do. Just do it, you know? :)

Anyway. If there is something good coming along, I will surely let you all know. Until then, big hugs!

Oh yes and garlic: I took this photo of bunches of garlic with trimmed roots at the Atwater Market a few weekends ago. I am slowly sharing the many, many photos I took that beautiful, sunny morning. Try to find the connection between garlic and introspectivity :)

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