Let The Good Times Roll…

…and the art class begin! There is nothing more exciting and relieving to leave the winter that’s been slowly creeping up in Montreal lately, than to go down to the land of perpetual sunshine, to the city who, if it were a color, would be a refreshing, modern mix of blue and turquoise, to the … Continue reading

20, 792*

CUPCAKES. Who said they weren’t cool? I claim they made quite the cool comeback!!! Cupcake Camp in Montreal last weekend proved it. Here are some photos taken at the insanely crowded event, and some photos of the ones I took home (i.e. the ones I didn’t hungrily wolf down at the event :) Now it’s … Continue reading

The Secret Life of Gummi Bears

PHOTO BY MICHAL FANTA / http://www.michalfanta.com Here’s a cute anecdote: Once upon a time, I fell upon a photographer’s website and one of his albums consisted of Gummi Bear Art. His name was Michal Fanta. Intrigued, I clicked and kept on clicking as I watched photo after photo of Gummi Bears doing all sorts of … Continue reading

On Creativity, Ambition and Momentum

A few ultra-interesting articles on creativity, ambition and momentum. They have been sitting in my mailbox for weeks and I finally got around to sorting them. I had read a few as they came in and starred them in my gmail so I can share them later on. Ok, by all means, I do not … Continue reading

Le Marquis

Robert Marquis, Montreal, November 2010 I hope you all remember Jean-Bruno, aka Bluenose, your friendly local musician shot by yours truly?  Come on, my photographs of him should be embedded in your brain by now!! And every morning you think, “Oh Dina, you’re Numero 1!”, no? Ok okay…I’ll stop fantasizing. Well J-B’s friend, Monsieur Robert … Continue reading

Maria & Bella

Two Angels… On Saturday, I did my first official photoshoot with children. The girls are daughters of Lina Zotti, a Human Resources Business Parter at an aviation company I worked at for nearly 4 years. Maria is 6 and Bella is 3, going on 4. Let me tell you how it went…my appointment with them … Continue reading