Maria & Bella

Two Angels…

On Saturday, I did my first official photoshoot with children. The girls are daughters of Lina Zotti, a Human Resources Business Parter at an aviation company I worked at for nearly 4 years. Maria is 6 and Bella is 3, going on 4.

Let me tell you how it went…my appointment with them was at around noon.

Friday – 6:00 pm – Before leaving work, I jot down her address so that I have one less thing to do tomorrow morning. All I’ll need to do is program it into my GPS before I zoom off in my little car. Sooo organized, I know :P

Friday – 8:30 pm – I think, “Hmm..since it’s my first time photographing children, maybe I should call my friend Rina to ask her if she’s got any big advice” Rina is an expert with kids :) ..ring ring, no answer. No worries, I’ll try later.

Saturday – 12:00 am – I’m still awake and I haven’t called my friend back and I haven’t even researched on the internet for some advice. I think, “Ah how hard can it be? It’s kids! It’s not the Prime silly Minister lol”. I continue doing whatever it is that I was doing (looking at google maps).

Saturday – 2:00 am – I go to sleep and set my alarm for 9:00 am…just enough sleep not to feel like a zombie in the morning, but not too much that I wake up frantically with 30 minutes to get ready…that’s me during the work week, not me during the weekend :)

Saturday  – 9:00 am – phew. I woke up on time. Even 5 minutes before my alarm…ha! Take that.

Saturday – 10:30 am – I’m doing about 7 things at the same time…putting clothes on, drying my hair, choosing my lenses, googling tips on how to photograph children, gulping juice, vacuuming & cleaning my room (yes…)…eventually I make it into my car at the time I planned and I call Lina to tell her that I have just left my house.

Saturday – 11:30 am – I’m nearing her house and all these thoughts go into my head…”What if its awkward? Like…they might think, who is this girl and why is she pointing that black lens at me? What if they don’t listen to me, or don’t like me? What if I run out of ideas and I end up doing something boring?”

Well, as I have learned, kids is kids.

They knew I was coming and why (thanks Lina!) and my worries immediately dissipated as four lovely girls opened up the door to me. Their friends were over, so the energy levels were HIGH and the excitement palpable. But it made it all the more fun. I loved it! They played along with me and we had great conversations about favorite foods and why Sesame Street is so awesome.

It went really well, and I have to say I might do it again, but only if the kids are over 3 years old.

Ok! I’ve tortured you enough (lol). As a reward, here are a few photos. I am SO in love with them, and those girls :)

6 Responses to “Maria & Bella”
  1. Ivana says:

    Dina, don’t forget that I have a teenager for you if you decide to do a photo shot of adolescents.
    Good job on these pictures.

  2. hey…just realized: you are my first comment on this blog. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! :)

  3. Draconien says:

    Well, I would’ve asked you to do pictures of my kids, but my son is only 2… Guess I’ll give it some time ;)

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