The Secret Life of Gummi Bears


Here’s a cute anecdote:

Once upon a time, I fell upon a photographer’s website and one of his albums consisted of Gummi Bear Art. His name was Michal Fanta. Intrigued, I clicked and kept on clicking as I watched photo after photo of Gummi Bears doing all sorts of things. Dancing, sword fighting, painting, running, reading, break-dancing…I was amazed! It was cute and original, and it immediately made me crave Gummi Bears. (You’d be lying if it doesn’t have the same effect on you ;)

I noticed that these Bears did not look like the ones I grew up eating…I grew up in North America (Montreal, Canada) and these Gummi Bears hailed from Eastern Europe. More specifically, Prague of the Czech Republic. They had a different face, more pointy and chiseled. Ours have a squished, cartoon-like face.

I have fond memories of Prague and remembered that its citizens were ultra-kind and sensitive to art and the European lifestyle. So I emailed Michal. I told him I’ll send him a pack of Canadian Gummi Bears if he promised to take photos of them and post them on his blog. I had nothing to lose! He accepted, so I did.

Well lo and behold my friends, here are his witty photos…a look inside the life of Canadian Gummi Bears, by Michal Fanta.

It really put a smile on my face yesterday.


4 Responses to “The Secret Life of Gummi Bears”
  1. From Michal Fanta’s “About” Page:

    Ricardo Liberato (photographer) said about him:

    “Michal Fanta is the World’s leading Gummi Bear photographer. He has brought new light to the genre – some say he created it himself. Great light and DOF control, specially in diffuse light make his pictures stand out, a continuous source of inspiration.”

  2. Yosra Elhakeem says:

    I quickly glanced at the gummi bears from Prague and I couldnt help but comment that they look so EVIL !
    I guess there have a different way of viewing bears which isnt so crazy; they are in fact scary animals that can kill you. I suppose we North Americans view them as cute and cuddley (hence teddy bears and our version of the gummy bear).
    Thanks for sharing, his photos are AWESOME!!! Gosh, he must have tiny agile fingers to do what he does. Beautiful colors!
    Dina I love what you do! lol Did you ask him if he tasted the gummy bears to see if they tasted the same?

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