20, 792*


Who said they weren’t cool? I claim they made quite the cool comeback!!! Cupcake Camp in Montreal last weekend proved it. Here are some photos taken at the insanely crowded event, and some photos of the ones I took home (i.e. the ones I didn’t hungrily wolf down at the event :)

Now it’s time for my tea & cupcake :)

Bisous! dxxx

* = Numbers of cupcakes sold last week.

It was incredibly hard to CHOOSE! Decisions, decisions…

The event was note only fundraiser for Jeunesse J’ecoute / Kids Help and to support local chefs, it was also a contest for the most original creation:

There was even a Montreal-themed section :) So proud and creative.

4 Responses to “20, 792*”
  1. Yosra Elhakeem says:

    Oh MY! I think I just had a heart attack and an enourmous desire to dive into a cupcake. Not sure whether I should thank you or wag my finger at you… you naughty naughty girl!!!!!
    The iPOD one is amazing! Did they taste any good?
    When I was in NY last weekend, I went to Magnolia bakery. Probably rated as one of the best in town and was in fact, the best I had ever tasted. It’s too bad I devoured them before I can take some pictures. They were very simple looking but tasted like heaven. Just in case you happen to decide to go to NY in the near future: http://www.magnoliabakery.com/home.php

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