Let The Good Times Roll…

…and the art class begin!

There is nothing more exciting and relieving to leave the winter that’s been slowly creeping up in Montreal lately, than to go down to the land of perpetual sunshine, to the city who, if it were a color, would be a refreshing, modern mix of blue and turquoise, to the city that is SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI. It draws me for the third time, but this time its different (and longer yay!) – I will be mingling with over 2000 international artists and fellow art lovers.

Ever since I read about it a few years ago in British Vogue, I’ve wanted to go see what Miami Art Basel, the annual contemporary art exhibition, was all about.

This year I decided to investigate for myself ;)

… [cue Pink Panther theme music] …

For Net-a-Porter, that infamous, dangerous website, here’s what Miami Art Basel means:

Of course, I couldn’t go without refreshing my art knowledge, so I did my homework – ha! Because I want to sound all cool and collected in front of Damien Hirst (double-ha! actually my happiness will be simply in listening :)…anyways. Have you refreshed yours?

Collages courtesy of Net-A-Porter.

I’ll be reporting a daily scoop of my trip to Miami when I return, so stay tuned!!!

Love, dxxx.

4 Responses to “Let The Good Times Roll…”
  1. Yosra Elhakeem says:

    Have fun Dina!!! Make sure you take lots and lots of photos!!!

  2. I am looking forward for more updates

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