Public Art in Jeddah

On Thursday, December 2nd, I attended an Art Salon, which is a short discussion between artists. I attended this one in particular because the subject of Art in the Middle East intrigued me, and I didn’t know much about it. The guests were two important Saudi Arabians in the art world: Mona Khazindar and Hani Farsi, son of Dr. Mohammed Said Farsi.

While waiting for the talk to begin, I met quite a few people from Canvas, a bi-monthly magazine based in Dubai. They were hosting the talk, led by its Editor-in-Chief, Ali Khadra. The magazine, in its sixth volume, is only found in seven countries in the world. So, the next day, I caved in and bought their 25$ semi-hard cover magazine (it was a Zaha Hadid special, I had to). I’m a shameless magazine junkie.

The talk was extremely interesting and heart-felt, and made me want to visit Saudia Arabia, more than ever!

You can listen in too, on Vimeo :)

After the talk, I made my way to Casa Tua (“Your Home” in Italian) – a restaurant I’ve wanted to try since FOREVER. Pure bliss and absolute romance, with me, myself and I :)

I had Raviolini del Plin with Sautee Mix Mushrooms, Truffle Pecorino and Black Truffles.

For dessert, Tiramisu Casa Tua.

It was well worth the wait. It was going to be a busy night, Art Basel and all, so they were going to place me at this loooong, wooden, communal table in front of a bustling, open kitchen, just like in your cosy home. But then the generous hosts settled me in a table on their beautiful terrace outside, surrounded by flora. Preferring to be in the company of someone in such a setting, but not minding at all being alone, just relaxingly content, I savoured the delicious food and thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic service.

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