A Strong Identity is Everything

*excuse the featured image, I did it in like 5 seconds! cringe* If you are branding yourself, it’s very important to keep a consistent look. That way you create your own trademark. Lately, I finally settled on a type logo that I love. It’s simple and personal. Sarah Petty always emphasized the importance of creating a … Continue reading

Montreal Hits Rock-Bottom

I was going to write a huge rant on Montreal and how sick I am of its daily insults when I thought better. Why? Because, well, to be vague and a tad cheesy: no place is perfect and yet there is no place like home. I have lived for 27 years in Montreal – most … Continue reading

Mariem / Montreal

Mariem, in Cours Mont-Royal, Montreal. I’ve known Mariem since I was maybe five and she has always had an amazing fashion sense. So feminine. I would raid her closet if I could one day! (Mimo, if you’re reading this, could I? :) Plus, she is a great model, this shoot was über fun.


Ok, too good not to share: I was on the Stairmaster at the gym, working those glutes hihi, and I was switching channels on the TV and caught the end of a Weight Watchers ad with Jennifer Hudson singing Nina Simone’s “Feelin’ Good”…I only needed to hear the end of “new day” to recognize the … Continue reading

L’Heure Bleue

Quality light: between moonlight and sunlight on a winter day in Montreal, where flurries fell the previous day. I love this peaceful and beautiful time of the day (circa 4:30 PM).

The Spoken Word

This past week has been a lyrical one for me…hip hop, spiritual poetry and deep house music filled my ears all week and shook me, made me want to close my eyes, listen and dance or groove to the sounds, to the words. I’ve always been attracted to words, and to the people who know … Continue reading