Movers and Shakers I

*Featured image by Natasha V Photography.

Hello :) I’m hoping 2011 got off on the right start for everyone! How many of you have already contradicted your new year’s resolutions? :) Isn’t it simply better to live without resolutions, so that no one is disappointed? On my end, I had a deliciously delirious fever on New Year’s Eve, spent a much needed weekend full of rest, useless TV shows and hot, home-made concoctions, then had a little case of the winter blues but I’m slowly bouncing back – with a fresh list of photographic goals, and then some :) – so I can properly disappoint myself hihi.

But let’s get down to business: nearly everyday, I discover, through my online and offline readings, MANY photographers, fashion designers, graphic designers, illustrators, art directors, photoshop experts and the list goes on and on. Sometimes some are too good not to share, and since a part of my blog is about exposing the movers and shakers of photography, here are a few I would like to share with you.

First up, amazingly cool and friendly people that I personally met during my last trip to Miami —> Kofi Painstil, an up-and-coming fashion photographer from London, UK (seriously, I won’t be surprised if I see his name in British Vogue or I.D. Magazine very soon) and his muse and/or partner-in-crime, Chiara Cola from Italy, a digital artist and photographer as well. They traveled to Miami to exhibit their artistic collaboration at Art Basel. I had only met them on my last night, so unfortunately I did not see it, but if you flip through these images, you’ll see them there.

Even though we only met for a few hours, within five minutes of introduction, I was best friends with them…I think Kofi fell in love with my Marc Jacobs canvas bag first though ;)

So fun :)

The next people I have not met but they’ve inspired me greatly.

There is still life photographer Natasha V from Toronto, Canada. She is one of the two main photographers enRoute magazine normally employs. It is a dream of mine to work for enRoute one day as it is not only a fine airline magazine, but a fun lifestyle and travel publication. Currently working for the airline, I’m a step closer to that dream, but I’ve still got a long way to go.

I love Natasha V’s still life photography. It is so crisp, clean and…simply GOOD! Thoroughly explore her website and make sure you click on the link “Seams” :) it is so cute.

She is a motivation, for me personally, to work harder.

It’s no wonder I love enRoute so much: it displays top-notch photographs!

The next thing I wanted to share is 30 Under 30: Women Photographers. It’s a pretty cool online exhibition of, well it’s a pretty self-explanatory title :P

I discovered it through Yulia Gorodinski, a self-portrait photographer I sort of befriended online. Her self-portraits are elaborate and amazing and I still can’t imagine how much time it takes her to get the shot that satisfies her.

So there you go my friends! You now have a lot of exploring to do, if you want to. Happy Sunday :)

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  1. […] all remember my friend Chiara Cola, the digital artist I met for a WHOLE 3 hours one infamous night in Miami last year? Well recently, her digital printings on silk and other fabrics got recognized by Vogue […]

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