The Spoken Word

This past week has been a lyrical one for me…hip hop, spiritual poetry and deep house music filled my ears all week and shook me, made me want to close my eyes, listen and dance or groove to the sounds, to the words. I’ve always been attracted to words, and to the people who know how to use them and create beautiful threads with them. Always found someone who can speak well deeply captivating.

Hip hop and its shameless realness, spiritual poetry that takes you down to your core and heart, reminding you of God, and house…house music with its soulful sounds, relentless beats, expressing pain and pleasure. Nothing is more soulful than house :)

I invite you to listen to the Life of Phi Stereo, a modest but growing collection of short songs I post on my tumblr.

Also, two of the spoken word artists I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this week. They need no intro, just please listen to their words.

Amir Sulaiman (make sure you listen to “Dead Man Walking“)

Sófia Servando Baig

What kind of music or poetry moves you? :)
the beat goes on and on and on…dxxx

2 Responses to “The Spoken Word”
  1. Draconien says:

    What about french “slam”? The lyrical melodies of the soul from france (we don’t have any good ones here). Try “grand corps malade” :) his song about waiting for a train and then comparing it to life is moving and artfully done.

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