Mariem / Montreal

Mariem, in Cours Mont-Royal, Montreal.

I’ve known Mariem since I was maybe five and she has always had an amazing fashion sense. So feminine. I would raid her closet if I could one day! (Mimo, if you’re reading this, could I? :) Plus, she is a great model, this shoot was über fun.

8 Responses to “Mariem / Montreal”
  1. anand says:

    great work dina..beautiful shots.

  2. Yosra Elhakeem says:

    Beautiful shots Dina!!! STUNNING model and gosh, I LOVE the shirt (and pants and shoes of course and all the accessories!!!). Could see this in a “femme carriere” magazine :) Love it, great work the both of you :)

  3. Draconien says:

    Someday you need to show me some of the “duds” because I’ve got to admit I like pretty much every one of them :)on second thought, let’s not spoil it

  4. Draconien says:

    No, duds are the rejects, the ones that aren’t quite up to par :)

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