A Strong Identity is Everything

*excuse the featured image, I did it in like 5 seconds! cringe*

If you are branding yourself, it’s very important to keep a consistent look. That way you create your own trademark. Lately, I finally settled on a type logo that I love. It’s simple and personal.

Sarah Petty always emphasized the importance of creating a strong identity. I enjoy her “Joy of Marketing” website alot.

Also: I’m relieved to have finally, finally, updated my artistic curriculum vitae. I have two CVs: one is for my real job (aerospace engineer) and one is for my dream job (photographer). :)

I’m sharing it with you, and am welcoming comments & suggestions. Of course, you can share it too and spread it like butter on toast!

Dina El-Hakim’s Resume 2011 Art


and a little goodie: a scan of my first logo sketch. Ah its so cute, so innocent! :) I still draw like a five year old.

One Response to “A Strong Identity is Everything”
  1. Draconien says:

    Change unrolling to unraveling ;)

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