The Revolution Will be Publicized

For nearly two weeks now, the world has been watching and supporting the Egyptians fight for their human rights. Together, with them, we can make that change.

My beloved Egypt, family and friends who live there, I support you.

Tonight, I would simply like to post a few photographs of the signs of the protest. A few poignant, a few funny.

I have taken them from a few places around the WWW and I apologize for not being able to credit each and every single photograph. I hope you can understand.


“Leave already, my arm is hurting”

5 Responses to “The Revolution Will be Publicized”
  1. Draconien says:

    So I really love the last one :p
    But really, all the computer references are just funny to me. When it’s to the point where he wants to take away the internet to stiffle a riot he deserves, he’s making it worst. Now the president of a country is a man elected by his ppl to lead the country to the best of his ability. Has he been notified of this fact? And when you’re ppl say you’ve overstayed your welcome, I hope you can have the decency to step down before they throw you on a boat to another country! Let’s just hope that it will be limited to only 1 fight and the rest of the protests will be peaceful. No one wants to see a civil war.
    Thanks for the images :)

    • i completely agree with you Benoit…i hope they turn to a non-violent protest tomorrow. it’s crucial.
      he is a master at manipulating people…and he did stifle their cause by shutting down the internet.

      thank you for your comments and wishes. the last one is a perfect example of Egyptian humour :)

  2. Noha Gomaa says:

    Such talented and creative people

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