Movers and Shakers II

*featured photo taken at the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée in Brussels. I’ve been so awol these days, life has been just craaaa-ah-zy! Good crazy. I finished a Photoshop class recently called “Fine Art Image Effects” and it was quite interesting. Not as interesting as previous ones I took, but still learned some noteworthy … Continue reading

How to Seduce an Artistic Director

A very old photograph of Vogue magazines. Last night, I spent a magical evening. I attended a discussion on how to present your portfolio to an artistic director (AD). For photographers like me who wish to work in editorial and advertising, this was the Holy Grail. Why? Because three amazing artistic directors were present to … Continue reading

Marina / Montreal

Marina Catalano at Box 409.   I snapped only one photo of this lovely young photographer. She needs no introduction, just reading her Facebook fan page is enough to make you adore her :) the first camera i laid my hands on was a film konica minolta circa 1990. i remember instinctively opening the camera … Continue reading

The Ballerina Effect

Repettos, Brussels, February 12th, 2011.   Natalie Portman, you put a spell on us. I was quite happy that she won last week. The Oscars are worth watching for possibly, barely 10 minutes (excluding the red carpet madness) and that was one of those moments that made it worth the watch. Her performance of a … Continue reading

Ceci n’est pas Bruxelles

Sorry for the delay! :-) Mostly shown is the Grand Place in Brussels, one of the most elaborately designed, architecturally speaking, squares I have ever seen. It’s really beautiful. I am in a sober mood these days, so I got my black & white on in post with these photos, but otherwise, these guildhalls are … Continue reading