The Ballerina Effect

Repettos, Brussels, February 12th, 2011.


Natalie Portman, you put a spell on us.

I was quite happy that she won last week. The Oscars are worth watching for possibly, barely 10 minutes (excluding the red carpet madness) and that was one of those moments that made it worth the watch. Her performance of a ballerina that was at once attracted to and repulsed by herself was so phenomenal. In photography and art, darkness and lightness continuously play together and dance around each other…

Black Swan also inevitably influenced the runways of Spring 2011: fashion designers such as Chloe, Lanvin, Valentino and of course, Chanel, have embraced the ballerina effect. Soft tulle, bouncy chiffon and the color palette of dust pink, nostalgic grey, sheer beige and creamy white – oh bring it on, it’s tooooo good!!!

Ok so my new Repettos (yes, plural. it sounds acceptable, no? :) are not ballerina pink, but they are fabulously cute to go around prancing and dancing :)

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