So Many Shoes, Only Two Feet…

Good morning!

Today I was updating my portfolio , just doing a little spring cleaning you know, its not just your CLOSET or second closet (read: CAR) that need it (oh boy, I desperately need to start on those). In conjunction with that, and last weekend’s visit to the Browns flagship store on Sainte-Catherine Str. (seriously, where have some of these shoes been all my 2011? I know I wanted to buy at least 5 of them), comes inspiration for today’s post…shoes I’ve shot so far. (Sorry for the confused writing style, its before noon afterall. hihi :) Anyways, so it’s not much but it’s just the beginning…<3

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.

Oscar Wilde

Have a good day everyone…and shoe it up its spring!

2 Responses to “So Many Shoes, Only Two Feet…”
  1. Cisca Baars says:

    Heey! I was wondering where I coupe buy the snake shoes with the stones and the snakes rapped around the ankles. I really love them and they would match perfectly with my prom dress. Please help me! I’ve been looking for those for so long. Love your page too by the way :) life of pi is amazing. I hope you can help me. Greetings from Holland!

    • hi Cisca! I’m sorry for my late reply, hope it’s not too late :)
      the shoes are from aldo I believe, but they were bought a long time ago! have fun at your prom. and thank you for liking my blog!

      xo dina

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