Macaron aux Framboises*

*Raspberry Macaron

There I was, innocently waiting to buy a salad at Premier Moisson after my Pilates class, when I saw THIS. The nerve of some people! I looked around, willing a person behind the counter to prompt me for my salad order before it was too late and I set my mind to get it. Well, set it I did…I just could NOT resist. Could not.

So now it’s mine…the day won’t go beyond this beautiful treat. Goodbye Pilates! :)

10 Responses to “Macaron aux Framboises*”
  1. yaser says:

    Amazing!!! Now let’s have some coupons to buy those!!! :)

  2. I love the photos. There are so simple yet beautiful…and there’s a crack.

  3. jAS says:

    That looks amazing! I showed ppl from school and they all agreed, your such an amazing photographer!
    I think you should def consider being a food photographer

  4. yosra says:

    yummy!!! i was talking to someone the other day, and was mentioning that there’s been a cupcake revolution.. everything is cupcake this, cupcake that… well, I see it soon changing to macaroons, or maybe not “changing” (cuz cupcakes are my favorite), but I sense a macaroon revolution is to rise in the next few years…. they are pretty uncommon right now, but I hope to see them soon next to the mini-cupcakes at Starbucks… hope you enjoyed your macaroon cuz my eyes did.. keep up the amazing work :D yummo yummo!!!!

  5. yosra says:

    to tell you the truth, ive only tried macaroons once (from Bouchon when i was in NY)… and i fell in love with them!! They are indeed quite filling.. aww i want some more! maybe one day I’ll visit Laduree, I love their website, its too cute!!!

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