Key West, FL

I checked out Flavorpill’s Famous Authors and their Typewriters last week and loved many of the photographs they shared with us. The ones of Agatha Christine and Françoise Sagan were particularly charming. I also loved the one of Ernest Hemingway (featured image above) because it’s exactly how I imagined him to write: by the sea, in Key West.

Two years ago, I visited the small, but lively and tropical town of Key West. I loved its simplicity and wild nature (they have wild roosters though – not so lovely at 5 am when you’re sleeping!!!). I loved that it is the most Southernmost point of the United States, which means that all it has on the horizon is blue sea. Bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on the West and the Atlantic Ocean on the East.

I visited Ernest Hemingway‘s grand house still filled with cats…turned visiting house, I gotta say they kept it well. Hey you know what’s funny? I never finished reading not one of his books! (Ok that’s not a surprise, I don’t finish many of the things I start :) Has anyone read and loved a Hemingway book? I love his book titles.

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