The Budding Tulips in Ottawa

Last weekend, we went to the Canadian Tulip Festival, a yearly tradition whose reason I just learned about (hey Canadian History class in high school was designed to be ultra boring, but I love history, I do!) “It preserves the local heritage of Canada’s role in freeing the Dutch during World War II, and the symbolic tulip; a gift in perpetuity to the Canadian people for providing a safe harbour to the Dutch Royal Family at that time.”

So now you know too :)

And now enjoy the few photos I took. We also picked up some huge lollipops! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One Response to “The Budding Tulips in Ottawa”
  1. yosra says:

    Ohhh so prettty!!!!!!!
    I love the picture of the lollipops! They were good! Tariq stole 2 from me, so the two I had were pretty tasty… though I couldn’t really remember what kinds they were cuz they were similar colors :P
    The tulips look really pretty afterall ! Great work on the photos :) I had lotsa fun!

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