The Life of a Novice Non-Nine-to-Fiver

Phew! That was a long post title :) I have two weeks left of working in the evenings and here’s what I learned during this new, strange system to me:

1- Waking up peacefully and without rushing to beat morning traffic is the loveliest thing in the world.

2- However there is traffic starting from 3 pm at certain points, because well…I guess there are other people who work in the evening. The nerve of some people, really.

3- Traffic jams don’t bother or stress me anymore, strangely.

4- It’s nearly impossible to do more than 3 things in one morning + early afternoon. You’ll burn out without even knowing why! Many times I ran around trying to do a thousand things within 5 hours…I thought I could be Superwoman. Apparently, I’m not.

5- Going to work and having no meetings about meetings is the second loveliest thing in the world.

6- Being downtown Montreal in the middle of the day is a real fashion eye-opener. People are lookin’ FABOOSH to go to work, seriously! The downside is dragging myself to work after a sunny day strolling around.

7- Excersising in the morning feels amazing because you have the rest of the day to relax (did I just say relax?).

8- Having dibs on all your appointments ROCKS! No more scheduling appointments two months in advance because the only slot they have after 6 pm is only till then…

9- Meeting up with friends who also don’t work during the day is oh-so-cool. And suddenly you feel like you’re back in Uni when school was over and you were just hanging out on a weekday, during the day…doing absolutely nothin’! :):)

10- I get to start my day reading Garance Dore’s blog, for as long as I want, while drinking my morning coffee while trying to squeeze more time out of time. 

Having said that, I have to run off to do some things before I head to work…I obviously haven’t learned to deal with Realization #4 yet :(

Basically, my life is a jungle. 

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