Cafe When It Sizzles

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One day my sister surprised me and took me to Image Superstore Cafe on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. It was absolutely charming, I have never seen anything quite like it. A photography studio-cum-cafe that’s been open for only two months (and yet customers kept pouring in during lunch time), the space also appeals to classical … Continue reading

Katherine / Montreal

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Just before jetting off to Aussie-land, I did some personal work for Katherine Dao…simply some fun, sunny photos. She was super fun! I’m sort of missing the heat of that day. Looking back on the photos, I realized it was way too sunny for the time we shot. On a sunny day, it is best … Continue reading

Welcome to Down Under


Where the clouds can reach your eye level at Sky High…and everything, nearly everything makes you feel like you’re in a parallel universe :) at least for the first 10 days until you just snap out of it. Enjoy these photos from mountain to city!  

Hello from…

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Australia! After the longest trip of my life, I finally arrived in the land of Oz. It’s been a week and I finally got over the jet lag, weeehoo! This season, stay tuned for Life of Phi posts from Melbourne, Australia* (plus: a little surprise! :) D. * once my artistic side catches up…these images … Continue reading

Kate Moss is Fashion Royalty

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Kate Moss on Harper’s Bazaar cover, May 2011. She was photographed by Solve Sundsbo. I love the pure whiteness of the cover…so fresh. I took these using my 50 mm f1.4 nearly wide open.

There Ain’t Nothing like the Old School

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My parents’ vintage radio. I wonder about the good times this radio witnessed :) Got any cool, vintage things to show me? Send me your photos and I’ll make a collective post! Email