Cafe When It Sizzles

One day my sister surprised me and took me to Image Superstore Cafe on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. It was absolutely charming, I have never seen anything quite like it. A photography studio-cum-cafe that’s been open for only two months (and yet customers kept pouring in during lunch time), the space also appeals to classical movie buffs. Oh and vintage furniture/camera lovers. Do I need to explain why I fell in love?

There is a makeup artist available on the premises…

Hmmm you know what? The following are not real lenses! They are travel mugs posing as Nikon & Canon lenses. Snap! :)

Did you figure out what’s hanging from the ceiling? Yep…lamps posing as Nikon & Canon lenses.

Yeah…Down Under :)

The Image Superstore Cafe is located at:
690 Elizabeth St
Elizabeth St and Pelham St
Carlton, VIC 3000

2 Responses to “Cafe When It Sizzles”
  1. I love to see the creativity of talented people in motion. Gorgeous store. Great ideas. Thanks.

    • They do have great ideas! I was quite impressed and felt so comfortable I could’ve stayed for hours chatting with the cafe crew and the studio manager :) Very warm people.

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