In loving memory to Laurel Ladd, who taught me to care about the environment. Advertisements

On That Note

Just wanted to say have an awesome, cracker* weekend everyone! Cook something you’ve never touched before (or are scared to cook); run outside, sweat a little; tuck into a good book; order a dessert and eat it all… XO, Dina *= pronounced “CRACKA”. yeah so I learned a bit of Aussie slang! Ha!

the great ocean road day

Imagine now how beautiful this was. I hope I captured some of the essence of this road along the south-eastern Australian coast. Had a lot of fun with the camera that day…

Ten Snapshots around Melbourne

A few snapshots of Melbourne…among shown is the vintage-like Palais Theatre at St Kilda, hot chocolate at Max Brenner‘s, the fabulous Melbourne General Post Office, Lt. Collins Street and Melbourne Central. XO, Dina

Australian Gardens I

One of the first things that struck me here is the profuse and lavish flora in both suburban and urban Melbourne. Trees, plants, bushes and parks are EVERYWHERE you turn your head and I love it! Palm trees sit alongside evergreens, bushes with the tiniest flowers line house fences, rose trees appear randomly like it’s … Continue reading


…my niece Zeina, born on June 30th, 2011 at 5:04 am. When I visited her the next day, holding a 24-hour old baby was an indescribable feeling. Actually it was a bit tickly :) and warm and full of life. Love her! Congrats to my sister Heba and her hubby Hazem, or as I like … Continue reading