Aaaaah. Surfing.

I had yet to share these photos of the surfers at Bondi Beach in Sydney. I spent a day watching them and I even braved the cool waters a couple of times (it was “winter” in Australia)…the waves felt so refreshing. Without the big, beautiful sun, it wouldn’t have been possible.

I have always wanted to learn surfing. One day, one day…when I have lots of time. Click on the <– –> to see photos below and if you click fast enough, you might see the waves crashing on the shore ;)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On another (related) note – what is your favorite color palette? My favorite trio is BLEU-BLANC-BEIGE: calming yet strong turquoise-blue waters, pure and frothy white foam and classy almost-white beige. Just glimpsing those beachy colors make me happy and excited. Like when I saw this one-shoulder tie-dye dress by Alice + Olivier:

Very dreamy.

What is your favorite color combo? I would love to hear them!


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