come fly with me…

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It was nothing but a LOVELY affair at the National Business Aviation Association event earlier this month in Las Vegas. Here are some photos of the static display intermixed with the infamous Strip hotels. Never seen such HUGE playgrounds in my life…:) Enjoy! xo, Dina

last sunday on mont-royal

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At l’Avenue and Petits Gâteaux.


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I love crazy, cool architecture and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image* made the cut for me. It is the center of attention in Melbourne’s Federation Square and a great place to hang out. Although I took these shots last summer (or last winter if you’re Down There), there’s no rule against posting them way … Continue reading

The Rules of Fall

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There is no denying it now…fall is at our footsteps. Last weekend I packed away my summer clothes, stored my barely there flat sandals, took out my woolies…i even bought a pumpkin pie smelling candle (which actually does scent up the room!). Just tryin’ you know…to get into the mood of things. I admire people … Continue reading

three things i’m loving

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three things i’m currently enjoying… {natural hand-milled soap from turkey, gift from my little sister :)} {super chic fall nail polish colors…these were 3 for 10$, couldn’t resist.} {my new rounded business cards in “The Showcase” by} have a great Thanksgiving/Columbus Day weekend everyone! xo, dina

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Fantasyland

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Last weekend, on a particularly cold and gray Saturday morning, where October fall rain invited itself without a warning to our city, I put on some dark blue jeans, a striped silk top and my khaki raincoat and headed downtown. Latte in hand, I joined the crowds at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for … Continue reading