Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Fantasyland

Last weekend, on a particularly cold and gray Saturday morning, where October fall rain invited itself without a warning to our city, I put on some dark blue jeans, a striped silk top and my khaki raincoat and headed downtown. Latte in hand, I joined the crowds at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the last weekend of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit.

The exhibition was very interesting, celebrating fashion’s l’enfant terrible’s diverse tastes and sheer openness to society and culture. It was a mix of video, photographs and clothes of course. I found the presentation more alluring than the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition two years ago -I liked that they put the mannequins on catwalks. Here are some detailed photographs with captions…

{in true Gaultier style, these moving holograms on the mannequin’s faces were really disconcerting}

{model lara stone}

{model kate moss}

{travel trunks gaultier designed}

{advertisement photo for “le mâle”}

{python skin bodysuit and skirt with primitive-look nail and copper embroidery. haute couture f/w 2004-2005. time needed to create: 132 hours}

{taffeta evening gown with “leopard skin” bead embroidery and rhinestone “claws”. haute couture f/w 1997-1998. time needed to create: 1060 hours}

{“In a context of globalized markets where the majority imposes generic fashion and minorities cut themselves off in ghettos, when multicultural thinking falters before the challenge of integration, Jean Paul Gaultier reassembles the parts of the whole to make way for a multiethnic personality. He thinks of society as a cocktail – mixed, stirred, spiced, varied, decompartmentalized. The product of a single melting pot, society no longer consists of groups indifferent to one another while living side by side. It is made up of individuals, and each of them tells the story of our diversity.”}

{gaultier’s punk theme}

{gaultier’s body theme}

{gaultier’s “la parisienne” theme}

{le petit jean paul, on the river banks of paris}

{gaultier’s boudoir theme}

{madonna’s blonde ambition world tour corset}

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