The Rules of Fall

There is no denying it now…fall is at our footsteps. Last weekend I packed away my summer clothes, stored my barely there flat sandals, took out my woolies…i even bought a pumpkin pie smelling candle (which actually does scent up the room!). Just tryin’ you know…to get into the mood of things. I admire people who make the best of each season, no matter how uncomfortably cold or hot it is for them.

That’s why I’m hoping to:

1. Spend a day hiking in one of the mountains surrounding the Montreal area.

2. Switch to boiling green cups of tea or tisane instead of coffee.

3. Bake a pumpkin pie :)

4. Go for more power-walks on Mont-Royal.

5. Try as much different kinds of soups as I can.

Happy Autumn everyone!



4 Responses to “The Rules of Fall”
  1. Caroline says:

    Autumn sureis upon us. Here in Sweden it´s already freezing and I guess it wont be long until snow comes. Prefer autumn to winter though, mainly because of the temperature drop.

  2. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on inspiredweightloss.

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