ten things to do in 2012

I was looking through my inspiration folder (photographs I grab and snapshots I take from the Internet) and remembered things I need to do more of this year…what are your resolutions* for 2012?


more sleep

more baths

more water

more photography

more traveling

more reading

more time offline

more connecting

more moving

more simplicity

* = yeah i still go for them. meh :)

4 Responses to “ten things to do in 2012”
  1. Wow I love this post Dina! One of my favorite. And I laughed so hard at the “more time offline” comic.. its so true!!!
    I have similar resolutions… I hope I can at least stick to one :)

  2. Roco J says:

    This list is so applicable to me as well! And yes, that comic! So sadly realistic. I stumbled upon your blog, and I think it’s really cute!

    • thank you roco! i hope you enjoy the rest of my posts too :)
      i know, i am totally that mouse in the comic too lol! but trying to discipline myself, if i find i am spending too much useless time online ;) i guess its all about discipline.

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