kareena kareena!

This past week was a lively, colorful celebration of the marriage of my friend Kareena to her lucky man, Atul. Ten years ago I met Kareena in my physics class. She became my lab partner and we’ve kept in touch since then. We had so much fun over the years, especially when paired with our common friend Sophie: spa days, trio road trips, trying out gym classes together (sometimes it was really hard to make it to the class ;) and hmmm, lots of shopping. Lots. Quickly changing in tiny BCBG outlet change rooms that didn’t necessarily have any walls. Or even mirrors, so we had to rely on each other and go through about 50 garments in 5 minutes! :) fun. She’s smart, sweet and as someone mentioned during a speech at her wedding, a girl with old values with a modern outlook on life. Kareena & Atul, I wish you a blessed, peaceful and happy marriage!

I took photos at her mehndi (henna) party on the Saturday event.

xo, Dina

One Response to “kareena kareena!”
  1. what i loved the most was the tropical atmosphere (she’s from Mauritius!)

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