slightly miaw

I can’t wait to wear these babies that I bought in New York* last weekend! I’ve been wanting new eyewear to frame my face better – I usually tend to go for rectangular-shaped specs, thinking that it complemented my round face (thanks baby cheeks!), which is true to a certain extent but lately…catching myself in the mirror with my rectangular shaped glasses,  I found they made me look tired, démodé and maybe I’m just crazy, but I felt like they widened my face. Noooooooo….

So I went in search of new, more angular shapes. And at first I wanted something drastically different…I wanted full-on tortoise, I wanted a very different shape. I loved these on Garance. So fresh. I tried something similar, but less circular, in a store in Soho, and I thought: “Hmmm, okay no :)” You can’t follow trends that don’t work for you. As Miss Coco herself once said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

Then I found these, and I loved the slight cat-eye shape, the rounded-corners of the base rectangular and the tortoiseshell that’s not too in-your-face. And the little Chanel bows on the side give it that little pretty detail (:

* Post to come soon!

PS: Here are two cool sites I found…one gives good eyewear tips, the other sells vintage specs.

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