nyc, two weekends ago

our weekend in new york: cozy brunches* in Soho, the Lion King on Broadway (so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes several times), walking in Central Park, shopping (of course.) and going down memory lane. i couldn’t capture it all, but here are some moments.

this was my second time in new york, and i’ve established my favorite things about it, based on personal experience:

1. the food

2. the city’s history and the true new yorkers

3. the street fashion (but of course :)

what are your favorite things about the Big Apple? i’d love to hear it, please leave a comment!

{Discovering Columbus}

{views from the top}

{a break in Central Park}

{sure, why not?}

{juice break @ Juice Generation. I tried a Vital Shot of ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper – that definitely woke me up :p + a smoothie after that}

{Soho, 10:30 a.m.}

{playing the Big Piano at FAO Schwartz}

{Lego heaven.}

{food carts}

{an illustration of Bergdorf’s. love it!}

{the Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park}

{the photography collection at the MOMA}

and now a little treat…swimming with the Louboutins at Barneys. Too bad they ruined those shoes :)

* = here are two places we had brunch at: Extra Virgin, a Mediterranean intimate place and Penelope, a SUPER homey, eat at your parents’ kitchen feel…I wish I went on a snapping frenzy at this place to share with you, but I was feeling too mellow :) and hungry.

5 Responses to “nyc, two weekends ago”
  1. Mohamed Nagi says:

    the capital of the universe, as fas as we know :)

    On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 4:34 AM, “Life f Phi”

  2. nya98 says:

    so so glad you went to penelope’s – one of my fav brunch spots in NYC- i used to work right around the corner from there!

    my favorite things are: NYU (where I went to grad school), my old apartment in Greenwich village, the food, fashion and pulse of the city! I am definitely a city girl at heart, and when you live in the ‘burbs you don’t get the opportunity to go much.

    Your photos of FAO and the lego store are encouraging me to make some time to take m-a ASAP!

    wish we could’ve spent time during your visit, and so glad you had a blast!


    • you are SO lucky to have lived in Greenwhich Village, it is so so charming. i really love the areas in nyc away from the craziness of times sq. and downtown (that’s quintessentially new york also, but it’s a different wavelength :)

      i loved Penelope, we ate sitting at the bar and it was a cool feeling. we chose not to wait for a table. it was raining Sunday morning, they had an area in the lobby with hooks to hang up your coats, fresh coffee while you wait – i felt i was going over to someone’s Victorian house for breakfast :) and the friendly ‘bartender’ sounded Australian, but he was from Wisconsin haha.

      hope you get to have a great day out on the town with your adorable daughter :) ill be back, promise!! xo

  3. Good shots
    Undiscovered talents

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