01.11.12 – Throwback Thursday

The Throwback Thursday event on Instagram has been going pretty strong and I love the idea of bringing back photographs of the good ol’ days. There’s something therapeutic about looking at them, remembering and thinking.

I searched all week for a New York skyline photograph my dad took in the eighties (he was a great photographer :) but I couldn’t find it…it’s probably being used as a bookmark in a book somewhere. So instead, I found something very similar on flickr by a dude named Paul Wright.

I apologize for my first Throwback Thursday to be a photo that wasn’t mine (or my family’s) lol. and thank you Paul!

My heart goes out to anyone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy…especially those who lost their homes.

Really makes you think.

xo, d.

Copyright All rights reserved by PaulWrightUK

2 Responses to “01.11.12 – Throwback Thursday”
  1. Sam says:

    I have to admit Sandy’s initial antecedence yet deceitful action. Waking herself up by accumulating water in the ocean and putting on a cyclone attire for a Mardi Gras. Reaching like tsunami wave; like arms of an octopus breaking into homes and lives. I see the fears of people through the eyes of the media and testimonies; nonetheless I see brave soldiers without reverence; acclaim to keep animate. Such crowds are runners from Edmonton, who want to complete a NYC marathon, regardless of Sandy. Mortals who are fearless from the public transit nightmares without power and working telephones, allied preparing for survival of an apocalypse. We must hold heads high, fists ready and keep an eye for a look out ;)

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