the evening we cooked with aran goyaoga

Finally found the time to post the photos of an intimate and delicious evening cooking side-by-side with Aran Goyaoga. Growing up in a world of flour, butter and sugar, in a family of bakers from the Basque Country, she is now a freelance food writer, photographer and stylist living in Florida. Aran was extremely sweet and interesting to talk to. The evening was extremely fun in so many ways – clusters of guests at a different station to cook one aspect of the  four course delights we later enjoyed, seeing the passionate Aran in action in the kitchen, wine tasting for those interested, a beautifully laid out candle-lit table, talking with the owners of SAT, meeting and chatting with the guests.

Speaking of which, enough chatting on my part – the photos will speak for themselves :) need I say the food tasted like heaven?

xo Dina

2013-01-20 15.20.10

2013-01-20 15.43.47

2013-01-20 16.42.09

2013-01-20 16.42.29

2013-01-20 16.47.37

2013-01-20 17.41.58

2013-01-20 17.35.46

2013-01-20 17.36.30

2013-01-20 18.12.20

2013-01-20 18.06.56

2013-01-20 17.30.44

2013-01-20 19.53.23

2013-01-20 19.53.29

2013-01-20 17.21.20

and now the meal…

2013-01-20 17.24.25

2013-01-20 18.26.08

2013-01-20 18.26.36

{ roasted cauliflower soup with dandelion greens & hazelnut pesto }

2013-01-20 18.51

{ swiss chard, pear and Gruyère tart }

2013-01-20 19.20.20

{ sea bass with sweet potato & parsnip puree and fennel vanilla bean cream }

2013-01-20 20.00.43

{ chocolate, hazelnut & fleur de sel pots de crème }

{ pistachio & vanilla bean shortbread }

2013-01-20 18.24.03

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