summer eats

Summer isn’t summer without barbecued chicken, cucumber & tomato salads, lemon-flavoured dips, lobster, berrie parfaits…I didn’t capture it all (la gourmandise usually took over), but here are some places I went to recently…and highly recommend! xo, Dina

* * *

olive+gourmando RET

{ Olive + Gourmando }

goat cheese at olive+gourmando

{ Caramelized onions and goat cheese served with housemade ketchup }

goat cheese at olive+gourmando 2 RET

{ Clearly devouring my goat cheese panini, hence the blurry picture! :) }

sandwich @ olive + gourmando RET

{ Viva Las Vegan: Roasted marinated tofu, dill pickles, hummus, fresh tomatoes, crushed olives, and arugula }

dina at olive+gourmando RET

apple turnover at olive+gourmando RET

{ Apple turnover, with one of the best lattes I’ve had since Australia }

* * *

SAT FoodLab 2

{ Mezze plate: Labneh, eggplant dip with pine nuts and mini flowers, assorted olives and grilled pita }

{ Shawarma plate with hummus, rice and leafy greens }

{ This was all at the SAT FoodLab. I  was very happy to come here once again! }

SAT FoodLab

sat food lab girls RET

* * *

zyara mezze RET

{ Beets Salad (top): Roasted beets, chanklish cheese, arugula and pine nuts }

{ Sauteed Halloum (bottom): Sauteed halloum cheese, mushrooms and fresh herbs }

{ In a new Lebanese restaurant near my home: Zyara }

zyara brunch RET

{ Breakfast Tasting plate (from top right going clockwise): cucumber & cherry tomato salad, labneh topped with mint leaves, foul medames, feta cheese topped with onions, scrambled eggs with basterma, fatteh }

zyara fatouche RET

{ Fattouche Salad: Romaine and frisee lettuce, mint leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes and toasted bread }

zyara decor

{ The amazing decor at Zyara. This photo doesn’t even do it justice…this restaurant/lounge literally makes you feel a thousand miles away from Montreal, in an exotic, modern Arab land… }

* * *

2 Responses to “summer eats”
  1. seemzkhawaga says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures as always Dina!! I love seeing your stuff!!!!

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