raw meat shoot 1

A little over a month ago I was contacted to style & shoot raw meat of all sorts for a delicatessen in Montreal looking to revamp its image. That’s all I can say about the project for now, but after some back and forth with the woman who is basically artistically directing (her family owns the business), she naturally asked me to do some test shots at home before the official shoot.
Hell froze over and I finally bought a decent studio lighting kit that I can easily travel with, and proved to be a good starting kit to do food photography. I shopped the day before the test shoot for some rustic yet modern-looking props and colourful spices and herbs. That was the fun part :) Styling was something I was pretty excited to do as part of the shoot, as I’m hopelessly in love with Helene Du Jardin and Aran Goyoaga‘s imagery and styles. However, the next day, while doing my test shots, I realized how much styling is a skill that can be perfected over time. Food styling is actually a full time job, but some food photographers do their own food styling, like the ladies I mentioned earlier. For my test shots, I figured it’s best to start simple and as I get more chances to do food photography, wether it’s for a client or for a personal project, I can experiment and try things out. Plus, I had no time to get fancy here, since um, the subject was RAW MEAT :)
I was asked to go for a rustic, country-style, slightly nostalgic (in that ‘your mama’s food’ way) and yet simple, modern look. What do you guys think? Send me comments! Have you ever shot raw meat before?
Hopefully I can show you the rest of the photos of the real shoot soon!
xo Dina

Filet Mignon w Pepper Balls Small

Filet Mignon w Spices Small

Filet Mignon w Knife Small

Chicken Drumsticks 2 Small

Chicken Drumsticks Small

Chicken Drumsticks w Rosemary Small

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