Le Vieux La Prairie

Two weekends ago I took my bike for a spin around the old part of town, just across the main road from my suburb, which is tucked in behind a vast 18-hole golf course.

La Prairie is nothing to write home about – it’s fairly quiet and extremely simple. But when you visit the historic section of La Prairie, dit le Vieux La Prairie, that’s when you see its hidden charm.

Never thought I would use the word charm to describe La Prairie, but biking through its streets with colonial houses and cute terraces, pots of flowers and gardens everywhere, and the St-Lawrence River not far behind, I momentarily felt like I was biking in a sun-drenched coastal village in the South of France. Except there’s no sea here…

I went back by foot a week later, camera in hand. Enough said, allow me give you the tour now :)

_PHI1050 RET

_PHI1052 RET _PHI1056 RET _PHI1057 RET _PHI1059 RET

{ my favorite building }

_PHI1061 RET _PHI1062 RET _PHI1066 RET _PHI1070 RET_PHI1074 RET _PHI1098 RET_PHI1084 RET _PHI1076 RET

{ the local, old church that you can see from the island of Montreal }

_PHI1077 RET _PHI1081 RET _PHI1083 RET

{ the ice cream and candy shop…an essential establishment to every town! }

_PHI1086 RET _PHI1095 RET _PHI1101 RET _PHI1107 RET _PHI1108 RET _PHI1111 RET _PHI1113 RET

{ the old Post Office, finished in 1893 }

_PHI1121 RET

{ a museum }

_PHI1115 RET

{ perhaps this used to be an old saloon? anyways, it’s for sale now ;) }

_PHI1130 RET _PHI1134 RET

{ sea-inspired colours }

_PHI1136 RET _PHI1142 RET

{ an extremely small door }

_PHI1145 RET _PHI1147 RET

{ a house seemingly made entirely out of wood }

_PHI1140 RET

Some interesting facts about La Prairie:

–          The first Europeans to occupy the area came in 1647.

–          It was in La Prairie where the first railway line in British North America was established in 1836.

–          In 1909, La Prairie obtained official city status.

And now for a Dina-made fact:

–          It still doesn’t have a Starbucks or Second Cup coffee. It has nice, local cafes though! But La Prairie hasn’t escaped capitalism –  now there’s a few chain restaurants, which I sometimes rarely visit in times of desperation.

Do you live in a town with an unexpected, hidden charm? Tell me about it!

xo Dina

5 Responses to “Le Vieux La Prairie”
  1. Cymon says:

    I so love our town. It’s very charming and even my wife (who’s an American) is in love with La Prairie. Great pictures !

    • thank you cymon! i know it’s amazing how much we forget about this part of La Prairie…it’s a gem in an otherwise ho-hum town haha! i love cycling path too of course.

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  1. […] interesting to me as it’s in the Historic Royal Mail Exchange Building. I have a thing for really old post offices*, as they’re nearly representing a long bygone era now. Today they shoot Project Runway […]

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