Website Makeover

I’m thrilled to introduce the launch of my new portfolio website, a project I’ve been working on throughout the summer. How does it differ from the old one? Well, the differences are subtle but significant. The new, refreshed website is generally more harmonized and is mobile & tablet friendly.

For one, I now have a killer, introductory page. I’ve always wanted one so when I saw that 4ormat offered them, I jumped on playing with a new website look. I heard some artistic directors don’t have much patience for home pages, however I find that a strong, customized home page giving a preview of what’s to come is a fun & modern thing.

Welcome Page

I didn’t switch from Viewbook to 4ormat only for the home page. The fonts are cleaner & crisp, the structure is streamlined and the navigation is a lot smoother, not choppy like my old website. I’m using the theme Frontier, and I chose it over countless others because I love the encompassing presentation of the photographs.


Of course you can click on each of these photos and enter the gallery properly to scroll at your own pace (keyboard arrows work too).

On the main page, besides sharing* and linking to social media sites, there is also a hidden menu that lists everything on the site.

MenuTake a tour and please send me your feedback, especially in terms of loading time, navigation, overall look and feel. And tell me which web browser and computer platform you are using! I know there are still a few tweaks left and hopefully will resolve them soon.

Thank you for your continuous support (on Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, etc) – I love nurturing this blog!

xo, Dina

* You can share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Stumble Upon. Unfortunately, 4ormat does not collaborate with websites like Fotomoto like Viewbook did so I can sell my photographs, but I’m working on finding an alternative.

3 Responses to “Website Makeover”
  1. helhakim says:

    How many people read your blog and comment etc?

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