Saturday Morning Links

1. September always feels like a fresh start to the year, doesn’t it? I’m going to stock-up for 2014 though with this Rifle Paper Co. Travel Calendar. Also love the illustrations on this one. Go through the additional images to see each month. I think I’m officially an illustration-addict!

2. This photo project of people sleeping in transit fascinates me*. It’s so personal and yet common. By the way, sleeping to and from work…I really miss that. It’s the best kind of power nap.

3. How to drink water while exercising. Sooooo important.

That’s all I’ve got for today, have a beautiful Fall weekend people!

xo Dina

*I’ve often had the same idea of photographing people bored while sitting in traffic but a) it’s not very safe :P and b) well…where I live, the laws of photographing strangers without their consent are kind of strict. Still, it is possible. And still a ballsy thing to do for me – to go up to a stranger before or after photographing them!

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