Saturday Morning Links…on Sunday.

Been a while since I posted interesting finds on the world wide web…here we go:


1. Have you ever felt an instant connection to a stranger, with or without talking to them? This “strangers touching each other uncomfortably” photo project interested me. I wish the article posted more examples but I guess I’d have to browse the upcoming book for that ;) …funny how some subjects really do look uncomfortable and a little stiff, while some look at ease and relaxed.

2. Inside Mrs. Doubtfire’s house in SF. Classic, right?

3. Five amazing photography apps. I have the fifth one and will definitely download the first one.

4. Welcome to her center…a girl and her room. My room has changed and evolved so much throughout the past 20 years…always been my favorite place of self-expression and solitude.


That’s all I got for now…have a great Sunday! xo Dina

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