thank you

As 2013 comes to an end, these days I’m contemplating on a personal and creative level…

Relating to photography, I wanted to say – thank you to all my online and offline followers – to the two clients/projects that changed the game for me this year (check out Food and Portraits here) – thank you Aran for a wonderful time – thank you to those who assisted me (you know who you are :) –  and to those who gave me ideas and encouragement  – I’m so motivated and happy every day to to communicate visually to the world…

Personally speaking, earlier this year I finally took a drawing class here to explore my hand sketching skills (here’s my dope coffee mug) – I turned 30 – I was blessed to travel with friends and family – I spent the summer giving my online portfolio a makeover – I didn’t give up on achieving a healthier lifestyle – I worked hard, yet another year in a (gratefully large) cubicle dreaming of {…} –

2013 started rocky but ends well for me. It was such an eventful year and I believe 2014 will be even more interesting…I wish everyone a healthy, positive and fulfilling year ahead!

XO, Dina

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