When I was a teenager, I developed a taste and appreciation for photography. Flipping through magazines that I would come cross with here and there, my mind awakened to visual communication. Throughout my twenties, I hoarded collected Vogue magazines (40 and counting, from 5 different countries), Harper’s Bazaar, Harpers & Queen, Elle, Wallpaper*, Plaisirs de Vivre, and my latest favorite, Porter….but let’s not forget the books! Timeless art, fashion and photography books that will outlive any magazine…

So it was purely my pleasure to shoot a few pieces for Romy + Jacob‘s new catalogue. Romy + Jacob is a local fashion house for the chic dog and chic dog owner! Their style is fun and vibrant, as are the owners. It was a milestone for me, this first fashion shoot for a lookbook. As much as I love it, I was always reluctant to join the circus of fashion. For now, I am happy with these humble beginnings. XO, Dina

Here are a few shots of the model, Lisa, wearing the apparel. I also took stills of cute little dog outfits. Coming soon…
_PHI5284 RET_PHI5236 RET cropped_PHI5220 RET cropped_PHI5301 RET
3 Responses to “FIRST”
  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    beautiful pictures!! you’re very talented :)

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