2 months today

I haven’t forgotten you! I’m finally here, in my cozy studio in Melbourne, Australia and the dust has just finished settling. What have I been up to? I spent a great week in Sydneyreunited with family, visited laid-back Byron Bay, found & made a little home for myself, signed up for yoga/pilates/crossfit, explored, went to some meetups, signed up for this (because why not), reacquainted myself with cooking (hopefully photos to come soon…once it looks as good as it sort of tastes…haha ;)…all in all it’s been good.

Living a more downsized lifestyle has brought me into more libraries too, which I love. Libraries here are so sociable. More than libraries, they are communities…keeping a pulse on what’s going on around your neighbourhood. Sometimes they host farmer’s markets on weekends, they have cool coffee shops, they are family and animal friendly of course. It’s just a great feeling to stroll in there on a relaxed morning.

I spent the first few weeks in my studio without Internet (horreur.) – so naturally I got creative with my time :p …and freeloaded proper off cafes and city wifis.

Became a master of the infamous Australian 4 Minutes or Less Shower (read #2). Gosh, coming from Canada, where precious water remains abundant, this was, and still is, a hard one to adjust to. Have you seen my curls?

I’ve been in Australia 2 months now. I’m travelling a bit in October and November (& definitely hope to squeeze in more little trips in the future) and time has a sneaky habit of flying by, and so I’ve started to look for casual work. If said future casual work isn’t embarrassing, I’ll share my experiences on here ;)

Until then, stay posted for some photography/food related posts coming soon.

XO, Dina

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