decorating cupcakes sunday afternoon

lollies: Australian for candy and sweets

_PHI2035 RET

I brought very few books with me to Australia, maybe 2-3*. One of those books was Plate to Pixel by Helene du Jardin. I’ve always been attracted to her food styling which is crucial to her beautiful resulting photographs. I bought the book a few years ago and keep going back to it for reference and inspiration.

Now I chaotically stumble through the kitchen sometimes, and it’ll take quite some time before I can make food that looks this good. But in the meantime, nothing can prevent me from practicing styling and lighting. A food photographer should first and foremost know how to properly light the food and make it look edible (so that the eyes can eat before the stomach of course).

I attended a cupcake decorating class at Bella Cupcakes through a foodie meetup I’m in. We had a sugary, frothy afternoon and got to take our cupcakes home. The buttercream flavours were vanilla, lemon, mint, strawberry and valencia orange. Here are some photos of the workshop, the other ladies’ cupcakes and the little photoshoot I had at home afterwards, despite the fact that I was sugar crashing big time**.

xo, Dina

* if I could, I would’ve brought my whole book collection!

** because, of course, we ate many lollies. girl’s gotta eat.

_PHI2023 RET

_PHI2033 RET _PHI2034 RET _PHI2042 RET _PHI2045 RET _PHI2046 RET _PHI2056 RET _PHI2057 RET _PHI2061 RET

The owner of Bella Cupcakes was working on a project of her own here…

_PHI2065 RET

And here are my cupcakes:

_PHI2094 RET-S _PHI2115 RET-S _PHI2139 RET-S_PHI2100 RET-S

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