As announced on my instafeed all of last week, I went to a handful of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) events and finally narrowed down the photos I took to 4 posts. The city was buzzing and I loved the 2-3 days I spent shooting for my ‘self-imposed’ assignments. This is the first of the four, a nice, casual exhibition through Melbourne’s Southgate Promenade, with unsurpassed views of the city skyline. I was expecting to see a bit more clothing and less static displays, but it was still nice to read about the emerging designers of Melbourne.

xo Dina

Presented by Southgate in association with MSFW, Icons of Melbourne Design showcases the work of some of Melbourne’s most prolific and emerging talents in the fashion industry.

_PHI2147 RET

_PHI2159 RET _PHI2153 RET _PHI2158 RET

_PHI2150 RET _PHI2162 RET _PHI2164 RET

5 Responses to “southgate”
  1. iamfernanda says:

    Hi!! I was on your blog and I absolutely love it!! I am a Follower now!!
    If you are into fashion, decor and beauty check out my blog :)

  2. Molly says:

    That headpiece is stunning! Love it!

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