Kuwait is the second Arab country I officially visit (and I can’t wait to see more of the Arab & North African worlds…insha Allah). Seems like in the Gulf countries, it’s rare now to get an authentic feel of the traditional culture. Even as the heat was full-on outside while on the inside, the malls were packed with Arabs dressed to the nines, it strangely felt Western…yet not quite.

In any case, the main focus of the trip was for my younger sister’s wedding – so happy :) – so activities were kept simple. The Grand MosqueleNôtre, and the Six Senses Spa were cool, peaceful breaks. I loved having fun with family portraits, especially of my niece Zeina – nice memories captured.

Until next time, Middle East…

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{ making a friend at the mosque }

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Zeina Tent _PHI2893 RET

{ 1 }

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People Dining LeNotre _PHI3029 RET

_PHI3046 RET

{ 2 }

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{ 3 }

IMG_4154 RET

IMG_4149 RET IMG_4230 RET
{ 1 } / { 2 } / { 3 }

But wait, there’s more!

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