café merci me

My last assignment for The Music (page 27) was cover all things coffee. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world *.

Here are some of my current favorite places where I often do coffee runs, in typical Melbourne style…

Tall Timber – simply awesome coffee quality & milk choices

Duke’s Roasters – the one on Flinder’s Lane feels like New York City to me, with Australian-style coffee :-)

Market Lane Coffee – you can’t get more coffee bean expert than them

Who’s your favorite caffeine fixer-upper?

xo Dina

Featured Image

_PHI5430 RET-S

{ At Market Lane Coffee }

_PHI5435 RET-S  _PHI5448 RET-S _PHI5438 RET-S

{ At The Coffee Company }

_PHI5485 RET-S

{ At home, with my 8$ perculator bought at the South Melbourne Market }

*Way, way back, I took a barista course, for fun but also to increase my chances to work in a hip Melbourne café…you know, to support my photography work :)

Turns out getting hired in a hip Melbourne café is harder than getting into NASA! Ha!

But during my coffee PHD study days, I stumbled upon this guy who is really good at giving the quick, visual basics of how to make the perfect coffee. Watch all his videos!

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