Life of Phi is still alive. Lately, I’ve played with the thought of folding it, since I’ve moved on to Instagram as my main platform for sharing all things photography + lifestyle related (and sometimes personal).

But this blog is where I started experimenting and sharing online, which gave me great pleasure and excitement. Years ago I spent many hours designing and tailoring it to my liking. That was fun, but the content had to be key too, right? And though it’s still a space for me where I can share in length about projects or photos I want to show, I do get the guilts (is that an expression? let’s say it is 😋) if I don’t log in a post every once in a while. As each year goes by, my motivation to write a long post on Life of Phi decreases, this is the sad truth. I am quite content with micro-blogging (Instagram or Facebook). FB Status? Nah, I’d rather say it with a photo.
In any case, my most valued space is my portfolio after all…
So, as I take my time finding my public writing motivation & voice again*, I hope you bear with me and understand. Do any other bloggers or photographers experience this blogging “drought”? When do you decide that enough is enough, that your blog had its high time and that it’s now time to say goodbye? To appreciate the good time its given you, let it go and be rest assured that you’re moving on to a place where you will be more present?
*I would rather not write anything at all, than force myself to write something just for the sake of posting something.
On a completely other note, I am happy to share with you some more snaps I took with my Nikon during my Middle Eastern trip. You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t seen my endless posts on Instagram last month haha! Enjoy :)
xo Dina
_PHI1721 RET
{ our day trip to Hatta and the desert begins }
_PHI1726 RET_PHI1729 RET_PHI1734 RET_PHI1744 RET
{ a little carsick after the dune buggying }
_PHI1749 RET_PHI1759 RETIMG_2357 RET_PHI1765 RET_PHI1772 RET
{ adorable Danish girls seeing a camel for the first time }
_PHI1777 RET_PHI1789 RET
{ trying not to fall flat on my face! }
_PHI1794 RET
_PHI1796 RET_PHI1799 RET
{ absolutely in love with Arabic lanterns }
_PHI1827 RET
{ the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi }

_PHI1829 RET

IMG_2458 RET

_PHI1848 RET
{ perfect way to end a day trip – visiting Kite Beach in Dubai }
7 Responses to “M.E.”
  1. vinneve says:

    The “Arabic lanterns” is similar to the Philippines especially in the Countryside. Good adventure you got there.

  2. vinneve says:

    So many different variations, love it too! :) Funny when I was in Doha I didn’t even pay any attention to them. :(

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